Our vision is to affect positive changes in our world through lectures, seminars, and other related activities or events. By leveraging diverse talents, experiences, networks, and strategies we hope to co- create positive outcomes and impact lives, communities, profit, non-profit and governmental organizations globally; contributing towards a better quality of life on an international scale.


Using a multi-media approach all on one platform, we will carry out our mission through:


Success Legacy Ezine:

Our e-zine blog features top notch academicians, entrepreneurs and business consultants representing different countries, cultures, and beliefs who have come joyfully together to celebrate the unity of their diversity. We assist in creating, innovating and transforming lives, profit, non-profit and governmental businesses by building local, regional, and global networks and strategies towards better profits for each area of business in the respective countries we represent. We also seek opportunities to serve individuals and communities to better our world.

People’s Press  Room: Showcasing Cellphone Journalism

Cellphone Journalism is our way of affecting change in the mass media reportage,  one of the most problematic and tainted agencies in the world today. When news can no longer be placed in the hands of the so-called professional journalists and news agencies; when mass media does not operate as it should be, we might, in fact  revolutionize the news reporting by giving the upper hand to the masses or “human beings on the street” by training them the basics of journalism. As integrity is an integral part of news casting, this aspect will be strictly ingrained upon everyone participating in the consortium of newsagents all over the world.

Brainy Waves Blog Radio (for Webinars and Online Business Shows)

The blog radio will serve as a PR tool for lectures and other income generating activities. 

Megalopolis of Learning Online University for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Culture

For the purpose of educating those who are in need of our services, the lecture room will showcase video and audio recordings of qualified lecturers-partners of Success Legacy Institute. This is going to be a platform of unlimited learning for those who need our help.

Sections of the Lecture Room are as follows:

– Business
– Lifestyle
– Cultures
– Inspirational
– Prose and Poetry


By the ALOHA BRAND that reminds every consumer that the hands who made everything they need for necessity, for comfort, or for luxury are hands of humans where the Divine Lives. The launch of Aloha – a word which will soon to become a household name, a name that would change the world we live and the way we live.

Aloha for Peace and Prosperity aims to open the doors of opportunities to self-empowerment and self- reliance which goes beyond all ages, all races, all social groups, and all cultures.